7 Terrific Tips to Hire the Best Electrician

The importance of hiring the best electrician you can get is paramount considering the dangers and consequences of shoddy electrical jobs. Faulty wiring increases fire risks. It can also result in unnecessary costs when electronics and appliances get damaged. Additionally, there is more to electrical work than most people realize as poorly designed circuits are simply unsafe.

As a result, it’s not just about powering or lighting. Electrical circuits must be properly implemented. This explains why it is important to hire highly qualified and experienced electricians only. If you don’t know how to hire the best electrician, below are seven guaranteed tips to consider.

How to Hire an Electrician

1. Check the license: Local electricians not hard to find, so you’ll probably have a good list of potential electricians after you start your search.  Be sure to work with licensed electricians only, because such electricians have met the legal and competence requirements for working as electricians in their area.

2. Consider the competence level: Once you know you are working with a licensed electrician, it’s time to check their competence level. There are two main competence levels namely master and journeyman electricians. Master electricians are the most competent. They hold a master’s license which means they have completed and passed a standardized test and they have at least two years of experience. Master electricians know the National Electrical Code as well as the modifications that your State may have done to the code. They are also qualified to plan, design as well as install and maintain electrical systems. Journeyman electricians are also licensed, but they don’t have a master’s license. Journeyman electricians can’t design systems by law. They can, however, install equipment and wiring.

The best electrician for you should be competent enough to do the job at hand. For this reason, there is nothing wrong with choosing a journeyman electrician if you have a basic electrical job. Master electricians are however, the most qualified and experienced.

3. Consider specialization: There are many different types of electricians in regards to specialization. Some electricians specialize in commercial work. Others specialize in residential work. Some may specialize in wiring while others may specialize in circuitry. The best electrician for you is one that specializes in doing the electrical job you have in mind.

4. Insurance: Electrical jobs are risky. The best electricians have all the relevant insurance to cover themselves, their crew, as well as their clients just in case there are any electrical-related issues. The electrician you hire should have proof of insurance. The cover also needs to be adequate i.e. a liability insurance and worker’s compensation cover of least $500,000.

5. Check reviews: The best electricians have an overwhelming number of positive reviews/references from their clients. You can check reviews online on the electrician’s website, social media pages, etc. References are important because they give firsthand information on what it’s like to work with the electrician in question.

6. Judge the quality of past work: Checking reviews is enough when you want to identify a good electrician. To find an exceptional electrician, you need to scrutinize their past work. If you are hiring an electrician for a very large job then it pays to take the time and inspect previous jobs to ensure everything was handled correctly. The best electricians pay attention to detail.

7. Consider the price: Price should be your last consideration. You should obviously expect to pay a bit more for the best electricians in your area. The price should, however, be within your budget. Master electricians charge approximately $30 per hour. The price, however, varies depending on experience, the size of the team, location, etc.


The above seven tips highlight the crucial information to take into account when hiring an electrician. As long as you hire a licensed, highly competent, specialized and insured electrician with an excellent reputation, you have done your research well and now it’s time for him to get on with the job.

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